Jasper, Alberta

Edmonton is a magnificent city but after three weeks of horizontal landscapes, we are eager to see the incredible scenery Alberta has to offer. When we finally meet with Mae Anderson, we surprise her with our plan and record her on a set that lives up to her beautiful voice.
Mae Anderson Cement Paradise
Shot and recorded in the Jasper region, Alberta.

Edmonton-born Mae Anderson is a talented singer-songwriter who intent on living her passion for music to the fullest. The story goes like this: when she was 3, she snuck up on stage when her parents weren’t looking and performed “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”. Twelve years later, she tasted more than a twinkle of stardom when she landed a distribution deal with Universal Music Canada, which released her first CD, Off the Floor, recorded in Montreal. Choosing to go independent last year, Mae is currently at work adding to her music catalogue with a range of pop-oriented songs, displaying a maturity that defies her teen years.
Mae Anderson (vocals) and Jeff Dick (guitar).


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