Halifax, Nova Scotia

Early Morning Rock
With Anna Wheeler’s sweet melody still in our heads, we travel to Halifax in our unlucky RV, to record We’re Doomed, a progressive hard rock band. Definitely not a quiet week!
We're Doomed - Impending Doom
Shot and recorded at Palooka's boxing gym, Halifax.

We're Doomed is an explosive culmination of tempered skill and intelligent song-writing. A groovy yet heavy assault on progressive rock, the 5-piece Halifax-based band draws inspiration from the impending apocalypse and the human condition. With heavy riffs, syncopated rhythms, dynamic vocals, and a general disregard for the genre barriers between rock, pop and metal, We're Doomed will melt your face faster than a zombie outbreak would overrun civilization. Guitar : Simon Outhit. Drums : Scott Tiller. Bass : Mike Andrews. Guitar : Nick Jones. Vocals : James Kelly.


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