Montreal, Quebec

Our new paradigm
After being transported to the hospital, Frank learns that he has to stay at home for 2 weeks and in a cast for the rest of the summer. The day after his operation, we lift his spirits up by telling him our plans for the next week.
Frank Fante & the Gems - Doctor Wallace
Shot and recorded in Fred's backyard, Montreal.

Frank Fante is an all-around musician who constantly collaborates with a bunch of talented artists which he affectionately calls the Gems. For the occasion, some members and friends from his defunct effort Les Trees visited him to immortalize one of his songs. Voice and guitar : François Del Fante. Organ and voice : Marc-André Barbeau. Electric guitar and voice : Olivier Bergevin. Voice : Marc-André Donais. Bass : Daniel Laflamme. Drums : Demetrio Maso. Electric guitar: Mathieu Trépanier.


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