Edmundston, New-Brunswick

The great bail
With the return of warm weather (and flies), we meet with The Lonesome Line, an Edmundston-based band founded by francocanadians. At the end of the week, a major event will change the rest of our summer.
The Lonesome Line - The Great Divine
Shot and recorded at St. Paul United Church, Edmundston.

The Lonesome Line is a power trio who do more than play conventional folk rock. Their distinctive sound is an amalgamation of roots rock mixed with potent and sincere lyrics covering personal, moral and environmental issues. The band has been together for three years so their sound is fresh yet mature and also simple yet refined. These childhood friends play purely out of passion and love for music which is reflected by their intense performances. Vocals and guitars : Michael Sullivan. Upright bass : Marc Colecchio. Drums : Chad Ritchie.


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