Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique

Nighttime Chaos
The road to the west will be over soon but to be sure we make the most out of it, we take a little detour to visit Lake Louise and Glacier National Park. These stops turn out to be the calm before the storm since we spend the next couple of days with The Broadway Bullies who give us more than a glimpse of what it’s like to be a rockstar.
The Broadway Bullies Midnight Man
Shot and recorded in the Vancouver region, British Columbia.

The Broadway Bullies are an explosive rock ‘n’ roll crew, aiming to take the music scene by the balls in a hail of hard riffs. Their old school yet refreshing sound mixed with the festive lyrics reflect the trials and tribulations of the bands’ riotous members. The Bullies exhibit musical and esthetic features unseen since the rock n’ roll legends aged past their expiration dates. This is one unstoppable party train that you don't want to miss.
Angus Mcneilly (Vocals), Christo Paulson (Guitar), Javier Estrada (Bass) and Tommy Grier (Drums).


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