Regina, Saskatchewan

Field Days
After two months on the road, the fatigue starts kicking in. Fortunately, we meet with the remarkable guys from The Dustin Ritter Band who give us the energy to face the calm of the prairies.
The Dustin Ritter Band Thought You Should Know
Shot and recorded at The Artesian, Regina.

This trio from Regina have seeded and harvested a golden field of swaying rhythms, guitar driven pop melodies and lyrical daydreams, all floating within their unique tracks. Songwriter and guitarist Dustin Ritter leads the band and offers up heartfelt lyrics with a sense of humor interwoven with an upbeat melodic rock sound. Drummer Judd Stachoski and bassist Travis Reshaur complement the band with their diverse musical influences and energetic live performances that will help the DRB take their sound across our home and native land.
Dustin Ritter (vocals, guitar, electric guitar), Judd Stachoski (drums, back vocals) and Travis Reshaur (bass)


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