A new episode every week! tells the incredible story of four friends recording emerging bands across Canada this summer. Follow them as they travel around the country with their mobile studio and RV, in search of new talents. is 12 episodes, 12 bands, 12 cities in 12 different provinces and territories. Come by every week to see a new music video and webisode!

The Youth Music Movement was created in Montreal in may 2010. It started with the idea of a recording studio that we could carry around to benefit the acoustics and visuals of the recording sessions. We focus on recording up-and-coming bands which are at the annoying stage of needing some exposure without knowing exactly how to get it. The results are pro-sounding versions of the bands' best songs, along with indie looking making-of videos of these recording sessions.

From may to august 2011, we'll be off for a three months road trip across Canada, where we'll be recording a dozen songs for our main project, A compilation of those songs will be produced, the benefits of it given to a foundation promoting musical training in schools.

The Youth Music Movement is:
Frédéric Bastien-Forrest - Director and spokesman
Pierre-Etienne Bordeleau - Director, DoP & editor
François Del Fante - Director and sound engineer
Bruno Mercure - Producer & coordinator

Contact info:


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