Winnipeg, Manitoba

No Stress
There’s not that much to do during the 28 hours of road between Hamilton and Winnipeg. We take this opportunity to discuss what awaits us at the end of the journey before taking it easy with Saint Kris, a humble and calm Manitoban rapper who has a lot to teach us.
Saint Kris - No Stress
Shot and recorded at The Forks, Winnipeg.

ExtraOrdinary is not only the title of rapper Saint Kris’ most recent solo mixtape but also the best way to describe his true essence. As “an ordinary man doing a little bit extra”, he writes passionate and true music that illustrates his emotions and work, music that genuinely reflects the mundane truth of his humble nature and who he wants to be.
For No Stress, Saint Kris collaborated with Rosie Blais from Winnipeg-based indie band Enjoy Your Pumas.
Vocals : Saint Kris. Back Vocals : Rosie Blais. Instrumental : Mr. Kooman.


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